Press Release

The Richard III Foundation, Inc. has welcomed the news that permission has been given for a Judicial Review to be brought concerning the final resting place of King Richard III.
JoeAnn Ricca, founder and Chief Executive of The Richard III Foundation, said: “The recent discovery of the remains of King Richard III was an unprecedented event. However, the arguments over where the last Plantagenet King should be buried seem to have overtaken the simple joy of the discovery and confirmation of his remains. The decision by Mr Justice Haddon-Cave to grant the Plantagenet Alliance the opportunity to have their case heard and properly examined in the High Court is one of great importance. To quote Mr Justice Haddon-Cave, ‘the archaeological dig of the mortal remains of a former King of England after 500 years is without precedent’.  We shall never again in our lifetime see another such momentous historical event as this, and careful consideration must be taken to ensure for justice for King Richard III.
“Mr Justice Haddon-Cave also said in his judgement that ‘it is plainly arguable that there is a duty at common law to consider widely as to how and where Richard III’s remains should appropriately be re-interred’. It is standard archaeological practice to bury any remains in the church nearest to where the remains are found, but this varies in certain special circumstances.  King Richard III was the last Plantagenet King, and the last English King to die in battle.  The Battle of Bosworth was of great importance and changed the course of history. The remains of the King of England belong to the nation and as such his final resting place is of immense importance to the people of England and her history and heritage.
“The Richard III Foundation, Inc. applauds the sensible and logical decision of Mr Justice Haddon Cave, and we look to a conclusion that will stop dividing the Ricardian and historical community, and provide justice for a King who has been much maligned.”
Andy Smith, UK director of the Foundation, added: “We were disappointed by the lack of consultation and what we believe was a hasty and ill-considered decision by the Government as to where King Richard III should be buried. Let there be a proper discussion among all interested parties. The Richard III Foundation has always had King Richard’s interests and wishes at heart.  We congratulate The Plantagenet Alliance for persevering with their campaign and for succeeding in securing this Judicial Review. With the return of the King’s mortal remains, let us all work together towards an amicable conclusion so he can be given justice at last and be buried with honour and dignity.”
Press contact: Andy Smith, tel 07737 271676
For further information on The Richard III Foundation, Inc., please visit the website

Author: penbardd

I am the founder and CEO/President of The Richard III Foundation, Inc.

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