The Richard III Foundation – Two Educational Grants

Without a doubt, research is key to understanding the cause and effect of history. Specifically, delving into the still unknown areas of the Yorkist period will most assuredly gain us the knowledge necessary to appreciate the life and times of King Richard III.  In order to invigorate history’s view of an often maligned or misunderstood monarch and his reign, continued exploration, examination and inquiry is vital.  Each of us can contribute to that effort by supporting the two student programs offered by the Richard III Foundation, Inc.

For over 10 years the Richard III Foundation Scholarship for Medieval Studies has offered an annual grant to graduate students who provide evidence of academic excellence and financial need.  The aim of the scholarship award is to enable students with research related to the Yorkist period to continue or complete their studies. The Foundation has been pleased to have awarded scholarship funds to such worthy former scholars such as David Santiuste, author of “Edward IV and the Wars of the Roses”, Lucy Rhymer and Professor Jackson Armstrong, now both teaching at major universities; Jennifer Ledfors, now a researcher at Royal Holloway, University of London; and Carolyn Donohue, who is now teaching at the University of York.

We have seen first-hand thet new and significant areas of research that are pending.  

In the second year of their newest award, ‘The John Davey Research Grant for Medieval Studies’, named in memory of our special long-time patron, John Davey, we have focused the criteria on helping the local historian and independent scholar.  There are many avenues open for funding for academics, but few exist that can help with the cost of research being undertaken by those who are not affiliated with a university or college.  To quote committee member Peter Algar, “it is impossible for the professional academics to know absolutely everything, so recourse is sometimes taken to the local historian, who provides a valuable contribution to unlocking the secrets of the past.”  John Davey believed in this strongly, so it is entirely fitting that his grant be structured in this manner.

Foundation CEO/President, Joe Ann Ricca says “‘Loyal to the truth’ is a motto that the Foundation has steadfastly adhered to throughout its existence.  John Davey was the embodiment of that motto and by supporting both the program named in his honor and Scholarship for Medieval Studies, we will ensure that the quest for the truth will endure.”.

A core objective of the Richard III Foundation, Inc. is to correct the distorted picture of King Richard III that has come down to us through literature and popular culture. Think about the impact that your donation will make towards fulfilling that goal.

Author: penbardd

I am the founder and CEO/President of The Richard III Foundation, Inc.

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